Fugro’s Blue Essence, an offshore certified uncrewed surface vessel (USV) with an electric remotely operated vehicle (eROV), will begin its first project in the Netherlands.
In its first year as a WGIC Member, SI Analytics has been actively following the proceedings, but, being a newcomer, ‘from a safe distance’. CEO...
During the 2nd GKI Summit, WGIC’s Executive Director Barbara Ryan discussed the position of the geospatial industry in the context of the Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure...
A joint AI for Good panel discussion by WGIC and the ITU (in partnership with Politecnico Milano) explored how the geospatial industry could become a...
On July 9th, 2020, WFEO, WGIC and the UN will launch a new white paper. It provides the reader with an assessment of global infrastructure...
On 30th March 2020, Exotrail announced the official release of its cloud-based mission design software, ExoOPS – Mission Design. CEO David Henri explains how it...
Satellites placed on Earth’s orbit show not only what is happening on the planet. Also, they tell about pollution in the atmosphere.Read more: 0
Geospatial professionals working in the utility sector often oversee that one unsuspected ally: the utility telecom specialist. As direct colleagues, telecom specialists can add value...

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