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content creation

Grab the attention of your readers with a crisp message in a professional press release, an informative newsletter and a vibrant website.

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A crisp, informal and smoothly written blog doesn’t come falling out of thin air. Geotekst helps, supports, sharpens your pencil and gets the job done.

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Your company is all set, ready to go; you’re sending out well-read customer e-newsletters, your news service is in place, your online articles are all over the social media. But how to take things further?

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Internal and external communication surrounding events and product launches can be daunting. Geotekst happily takes that pressure off of you.

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attract attention with a crisp message

Your news is channelled through different outlets. Your communication is published digitally online and analog in print. There’s written text, with good photos, spoken word, audio and video. Your message fits in with the medium and the target group you wish to address. Geotekst is all about the mix.

content creation

Of course, your company sends out announcements in time for the next customer event, a new service or product. You are also reaching out to your customers through a digital newsletter. With a quick message on twitter you know how to strike a different tone than in a contemplative story on LinkedIn. You have informative background stories on your website. If there is really something to report, you’ll find your way to sympathetic magazines. Geotekst unburdens you if it all gets a bit much.

corporate identity

How colorful do you like it? For more than fifteen years, Geotekst has been working with photographer and designer Sander van der Kolk of BestPictures. Together they produce photo reports, flyers, brochures or a completely new corporate identity.

text editorial

Geospatial IT managers, surveyors and information officers all have an important jobs. These are knowledgable professionals who know exactly what it’s all about. But, often they keep using specific abbrevations and try to communicate in their own lingo. Geotekst knows all about this little world and insists on asking the right questions, succinctly formulating the geospatial buff’s answers so that they are understandable for all to grasp.

press releases

What is the main purpose of a press release? Why is your news important? And what exactly is the message? Who is this news for? A small text used as a press release is different from an article or a newsletter message. After all, the first reader is not a colleague, customer or geo-professional/ It’s an editor or a journalist. If your message does not immediately indicate the current news value for them, it goes directly into the trash. Remco Takken professionally read tens of thousands of press releases. His own production of published news items is running in the thousands. By now, he just knows when a press release will actually be picked up by news media.


Surely, the company’s CEO  is bubbling with ideas. But when there is a blog to be released, the proverbial napkin sketch with some keywords connected to two clouds and three vectors just doesn’t quite cut it. That’s why executive’s blogs are often written by someone else. A corporate blog always feeds off the current energy of your company. By talking to stakeholders, listening to both sales and geospatial divisions, Geotekst quickly sets the right tone.

geotekst supports and sharpens your pencil

geotext connects sales professionals with the back office and the business. It brings you to your customers and future business partners


A good communication strategy starts with good content. But do you also know how you want to take it to the next level?

The basis of a good story is… a good story! What is it that makes your service or product so special? Where are you coming from, where do you want to go?

The geo sector is an extraordinary diverse ecosystem in which everyone interacts and is interdependent. As you go through your business strategy, sometimes striking gaps become apparent. This is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, no one company can cover the entire palette. But … this is also where the growth opportunities are! Geotekst oversees the overall picture. Thanks to his years of experience in the geo sector, Remco Takken knows who is who, where layoffs occur or where people are getting hired. This is where your natural partners are. And, sometimes unexpectedly. your competitors.

Geotekst makes connections throughout this network. Between sales and professionals. Between the back office and the business. Between prospective talents and the requesting customers. Between you and future business partners.


Having seen independent events such as the Geo Event, GeoBuzz, Geospatial World Forum, GeoDesign + BIM and GeoBIM from the inside, Geotekst sees the importance of a good program with a clear theme. Which, by the way, is also announced in a timely fashion. In order to make it all a real success, other relevant events are also identified on the annual calendar. After all, your customers can only be in one place at a time!

Of course Remco Takken is available as a chairman, presenter, moderator or workshop leader.

Cartoonist Berend Vonk has his own special view of the world. He is known for his unique angles and striking sketches. For years he provided the comics in GIS-Magazine. Together with Geotekst, he provides your event with a light-hearted touch. Sander van der Kolk of Bestpictures is the right photographer to visualize your company. At the fair, during a customer event or for a company report or calendar.

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